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I. Environmental Policy

Nowadays environmental protection is a topic of great interest. It does not only influence the economic decisions of a company but also increasingly becomes the measure for social responsibility. This environmental awareness is the basis for our environmental activities in all our company processes.

We would like to deal with all aspects of our overall economic responsibility and take the needs of society as an orientation considering ecological interests. By preventing environmental impacts and by carefully treating resources, we attempt to produce with little impact on environment as possible.

It is a matter of course for us to constantly improve our environmental performance. Prevention of deviations overrides their exposure.

Emil Bucher GmbH & Co. KG will be contributing to environmental protection. We will meet this responsibility.


II. Environmental Guidelines

The principles for our environmental activities are fixed in the so-called environmental policy.

  1. Human being and environment are always on top for Firma Emil Bucher GmbH & Co. KG
  2. We will protect the environment and obey environment laws
  3. We would like to affect the environment as little as possible with our works
  4. We would like to save energy and reduce waste, emissions and wastewater
  5. We will consider non-polluting technologies
  6. We will consider environmental protection already during product planning
  7. We take care that our suppliers will also respect environmental protection
  8. We have determined measures to prevent environmental accidents and/or to act quickly
  9. We will train our employees more intensively
  10. We will control our environment management system continuously by internal audits
  11. We take care that employees from external companies, who work on our company group, will adhere to our existing environmental guidelines


issue: January 2018