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Measurement Technology

 EBE Measuring Systems for Production Installations


  •  Robot in-line measuring equipment
  •  2D/3D in-line measuring equipment with stationary sensors
  •  Photogrammetric in-line measuring equipment
  •  Hybrid in-line measuring equipment
  •  Tactile measuring equipment



Measuring station with stationary
3D sensors 

  4-robot measuring station  
 Tactile measuring station  

measuring station


  • We offer stationary, flexible and mobile measuring systems for process monitoring using the dimensional stability.
  • We use image processing, laser line triangulation, stripe and pixel projection, laser systems and photogrammetry technology with the optical measuring systems. These systems can also be combined, depending on the requirement.
  • To display the measurement results, individual systems are offered that enable the best possible need-based display of results on the level of the measuring cell. With the upgrade to a higher control system, all measured data from the individual measuring cells can be managed and further evaluated.
  •  We undertake the complete planning, commissioning and qualification of the measuring equipment for you.